The main point of having a Tool Database is to streamline access to frequently-used tool sizes and custom cutting data, preserving your manufacturing knowledge for future use by you and perhaps to share it with your co-workers.

Tools have to be added by clicking the "Add Tool" button on the "Tool Data" panel of the "Speeds and Feeds" tab.

Once a tool has been loaded, you will not be able to edit it's Tool geometry or access the "Add Tool" functionality. Please click on the "Edit New" or "Reset" button on the Tool Data panel to unload the current tool.

Adding a Tool to the Database

After entering your Tool geometry, it is encouraged to spend a few seconds adding it to your Tool Database so that you can reuse it later.

Just click on the "Add Tool" button. The following dialog will appear:

Here you can define the rest of the Tool Information that sets it apart from other tools in your database.

Please specify Tool Library, Its name, Brand Name, Series, etc.

You can also set handling information, the number of tools on stock, and set alert levels when stock is low.

After entering any of the information, you can click the "Add" button to save the new tool in the Database.

The dialog will then close the new tool will be loaded into the Speeds and Feeds tab.


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