Some of our users and partners

Your calculator is great… after a few years of using it, I am 100% confident in it. Great job!
I have used the software daily for probably close to two years now... Anything from aluminum to 17-4 to A2 Rc65 and any tool I throw at it, in any length.

The numbers that your calculator gives have never failed.
The HSM and chip thinning functions have elevated my milling capabilities without question.

Hands down the best money I have ever spent on a manufacturing tool. Thank you!

Craig W. Hargrave
All Out Mfg

We purchased the HSMAdvisor, set up our HP and torque specs, and successfully launched a new strategy for roughing and semi-finishing small parts on these machines.


HSM machining brass on mazak 430a. Couldn't do it without the calculator and thanks to jamesu229 on for the tool

Been quietly using this for a few weeks and find that the figures given are very good to actual cutting data. One thing where this excels is that most commercial programs spit figures out that bear no relation to the machine it's on. OK for industry who has 3,678 HP on tap [ approx ] but if you only have an X2 mill with 500W on tap then it's a different ball game. Also like the fact that it also recognizes that the rest of the world uses metric units. Keep up the good work.

John Stevenson

Great product and something I have complete faith in using. He has done a great job working on it. Also be cool to see what he get done as he keeps adding to it.


Industry-leading Speeds and Feeds

  • HSMAdvisor creates a virtual representation of the actual cutting tool to accurately calculate maximum deflection and torque the tool can handle
  • Suggests optimal Depth and Width of cut depending on the tool configuration and available machine power
  • Automatically indicates optimal Depth of cut when Width of Cut is changed and vise-versa

Productivity and Peace of Mind

  • HSMAdvisor boosts your productivity and preserves tool life with Chip Thinning and HSM Machining
  • Deflection and Torque Limits help you prevent tool breakage

Save it for later

  • Access the libraries of saved Tools and Cutting parameters at a click of a button
  • Tool database can be shared across multiple computers
  • HSMAdvisor includes Tool Inventory Management software. Users can print and track purchase requests and re-stock inventory. Read more about it here.