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Database Actions  menu allows you to perform such major actions as: Create/Open a new Tool Database and Import/Export/Create Tool Libraries

In order to access Tool Database actions you need to go to Tool Database tab and click on "Actions" button in the top-right corner.

A pop-up menu will show:

List of Database Actions

  • The very first option is not active. It only shows the location of the currently-opened database file.
  • Create New Tool Database
    You will be prompted to set a location for a new empty Tool Database.
  • Open Tool Database
    You will be prompted to select a Tool Database file to load into HSMAdvisor
  • Create Tool Library
    Click to create a new empty Tool Library in the current Database.
  • Import
    Click to Import Tool Libraries from an outside Tool Database file
    You can use this action to effectively merge several Tool Database files in one.
    Should there be a conflicting Tool Library names, you will be prompted to reneame the Libraries you are Importing
  • Export
    Click to export some or all Tool Libraries into a new Tool Database file.
    You will be prompted to select the Libraries you are exporting and specify the new Tool Database file.

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 © Eldar Gerfanov