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Database Actions

February 24, 2016, 8:05 pm by admin

Database Actions menu allows you to perform such major actions as Create/Open a new Tool Database and Import/Export/Create Tool Libraries.

To access Tool Database actions, you need to go to the Tool Database tab and click on the "Actions" button in the top-right corner.

A pop-up menu will show:

List of Database Actions

  • The very first option is not active. It only shows the location of the currently-opened database file.
  • Create New Tool Database
    You will be prompted to set a location for a new empty Tool Database.
  • Open Tool Database
    You will be prompted to select a Tool Database file to load into HSMAdvisor
  • Create Tool Library
    Click to create a new empty Tool Library in the current Database.
  • Import
    Click to Import Tool Libraries from an outside Tool Database file
    You can use this action to merge several Tool Database files in one effectively.
    Should there be a conflicting Tool Library name, you will be prompted to rename the Libraries you are Importing.
    Currently, you can import database files created by HSMAdvisor and Fusion 360
  • Export
    Click to export some or all Tool Libraries into a new Tool Database file.
    You will be prompted to select the Libraries you are exporting and specify the new Tool Database file.
    Currently, you can export database files in the HSMAdvisor format only.

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HSMAdvisor allows to import and export machine definitions, thus allowing you to use third-party definitions and share your custom ones with other HSMAdvisor seats.

Here is how you can Import and Export a machine definition:

To Import a new machine in to the active machine list

  • Click on Edit button next to the Machine list on HSMAdvisor Speeds and Feeds tab
  • Click on Import button on the "Machine Definition" dialog
  • A standard windows "Open File" dialog appears prompting you to select a file that contains the machine you wish to import.
  • After selecting a file and pressing OK, you will be asked to choose which machine you would like to import from the file. This is necessary because each file may contain many definitions.
  • Find and select your machine in the drop-down list to make sure its parameters are correct.
  • Click on Save button to save the changes and close the dialog

To Export a machine or many to an outside file

(to share it with your friends, coworkers, or maybe even me)

  • Click on Edit button next to the Machine list on HSMAdvisor Speeds and Feeds tab
  • Click on Export button on the "Machine Definition" dialog
  • A dialog appears where you are prompted to choose which machines from your current list you would like to export.
  • After selecting your machines, click OK and select a file name where you would like to save your machine list.

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