Machine Profile page

September 21, 2014, 2:12 pm by admin

To access the machine profile dialog, click the Edit button located to the right of the Machine Definitions drop-down list. In this dialog, you have the options to create, edit, import, and export machine definitions.

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HSMAdvisor allows to import and export machine definitions, thus allowing you to use third-party definitions and share your custom ones with other HSMAdvisor seats.

Here is how you can Import and Export a machine definition:

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HSMAdvisor allows to store your Machine Profile in online cloud storage for easier access and sharing.

Whenever a user is requesting a new machine profile to be added to HSMAdvisor i create it on my computer and simply Upload it to the cloud, so the person asking and everybody else can access it immediately and not wait for the next HSMAdvisor update.

Here is how you can Upload and/or Download a machine profile:

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