HSMAdvisor's shared drive databases enable multi-user collaboration and data synchronization. When a tool database file is located on a shared drive, multiple instances of HSMAdvisor can read and write to it, allowing concurrent access. Any changes made to the tools within the database are automatically updated across all instances, ensuring data consistency.

To share the tool database:

  1. Use the "Tool Database-> Actions -> Save Database As ..." menu item to save the currently-loaded database file in the new shared location, such as Dropbox or OneDrive. The current HSMAdvisor instance will immediately start using the database file you have just created.
  2. Once the shared database file is in place, other HSMAdvisor instances can connect to it using the "Tool Database-> Actions -> Open Tool Database..." menu item in the Tool Database tab.

Optional file compression

The database file can be quite large if your database has many thousands of tools.
This may make reading and writing in the Network-shared locations quite sluggish.

In such a case consider enabling the "Compressed Tool Database" option located in the Settings tab.
This will tell HSMAdvisor to transfer and store your Tool Database file in ZIPped format, making file operations blazingly fast even on slow networks.

Uncompressed size:

Compressed size:

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