To access the machine profile dialog, click the Edit button located to the right of the Machine Definitions drop-down list. In this dialog, you have the options to create, edit, import, and export machine definitions.

When defining a machine, it is important to enter the physical limits such as RPM, power, and travel speed.

Additionally, setting up the Spindle Power Curve will improve predictions and prevent spindle stall conditions.

Select the Machine Definition you would like to edit from the drop-down list located on the Machine Profile window.

You can edit machine parameters to better suit your real-world needs.

Set the parameters you know about your machine

The most important values are:

  • Maximum Spindle RPM
  • Maximum Spindle Power
  • Maximum Spindle Torque
  • Power Curve
    (leave empty in unknown)

To correctly get those values, please consult your machine's manufacturer

Other ones are not involved in actual calculations and are used to limit things:

  • Minimum RPM
  • Maximum Feedrate
  • Warning Percentage

Set Your Power Curve

If the machine builder supplied you with the Power Curve graphs for your spindle, you can map out your spindle and tell HSMAdvisor to respect this Power Curve when making calculations

After Changes are made

Simply click the Ok button to save your changes