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Account Details

September 20, 2014, 4:44 pm by admin

Information Required for License Account Setup:

  • First Name and Last Name: We ask for customers' first and last names for support purposes and to identify their account. Although we do not require the use of real names, customers should remember the name used for the product purchase. This information is kept confidential.

  • Email Address: This is used to identify the customer and is required when accessing the licensing system.

  • Computer ID (for Permanent License only): The Computer ID is a unique 24-character alpha-numeric code generated from the computer's hardware IDs. This is only needed for the Permanent License type and is required at the time of purchase.

Privacy Policy: We do not share any customer information with anyone and do not send newsletters, spam, or any other type of information to their email addresses. Personal information is only used for account authorization.

License Types: Which one is best for you?

September 20, 2014, 6:00 pm by admin

Here is a list of license types we offer with HSMAdvisor:

  • Floating License (Unlimited)
  • Floating License (Subscription)
  • Floating License (1 or 3 Horse Power)
  • Permanent License

Floating License (Unlimited)

Floating License offers customers mobility
Each purchased seat of the software can be used non-concurrently (a seat can run only on ONE computer at a time) on multiple computers.

This License Type is perpetual and is sold for a one-time payment. It includes free updates and support forever.

This License Type requires an Internet connection every time a seat is to be renewed.
The amount of time a seat can remain on one computer is called the "Floating License Parking Period."
The duration of each License Parking Period is controlled by the user himself and can vary from 10 minutes to 30 days.

Users can easily increase the number of concurrent seats (the number of seats that can run on multiple computers simultaneously) by purchasing additional ones using existing Account Details.

Floating License (Subscription)

The benefit of the subscription-based license is that it offers the same features and functionality as the unlimited version, but with the flexibility of paying on a monthly basis. This allows the user to have access to the software as long as they continue to pay for it, and the ability to cancel the license at any time.

Floating License (1 or 3 Horse Power)

This License Type behaves exactly like the Unlimited Floating License. It also never expires and carries lifetime support and updates.

With the exception that the calculations are limited to 1 or 3 Horse Power.
This License type was created for owners of light hobby CNC machines and routers.

The limit only kicks in after 1 or 3 years from the day of purchase.

You can, at any point, buy another License and get unlimited power again.
Using your old credentials will also add total Horse Power to your license.

You can also ask us to upgrade to any Unlimited License type by paying the difference.

Permanent License

This License type does not require an Internet connection at all.
It is ideal for cases when a computer is not connected to the Internet.

This License Type is sold once per seat or a number of seats. It includes free lifetime updates and support.

After purchase, each computer has to be registered using its Computer ID key. An individual Serial Number will be issued for each computer that the permanent seat was purchased.

Users can purchase additional seats on an as-needed basis.

A Permanent Seat can be transferred to another computer for free - No questions asked.
Please install HSMAdvisor on the new Computer and email us your original purchase confirmation with your new Computer ID.

When installing HSMAdvisor on a new computer, you will be given a 30-day Trial Period to register your software, transfer the license, or purchase another seat.

Here is the table showing the differences between Floating and Permanent License Types

HSMAdvisor License Type vs. Available Feature Floating License Permanent License
How many Computers can use the same seat Unlimited 1
Can I switch between different computers throughout the day using the same Seat?  Yes No
How many Computers can use the same seat at the same time 1 1
Do you offer Multiple Seat Packages Yes Yes
Does this License Type require an Internet connection Yes No
How often does HSMAdvisor connect to the Internet From once every 10 minutes to once every 30 days. Never
How soon can the same seat be used on another Computer 10 minutes Only after Seat Transfer is approved via email
Is it a one-time purchase or a subscription? It is a one-time purchase. All our licenses are lifetime with no recurring payments. It is a one-time purchase. All our licenses are lifetime with no recurring payments.
Do I get all updates and upgrades? Updates and Upgrades are Free Forever

Updates and Upgrades are Free Forever

Support Free Free


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Purchasing Floating License

September 20, 2014, 6:04 pm by admin

The Floating License allows for the installation of HSMAdvisor on multiple computers, but it can only be used simultaneously on the number of computers that correspond to the number of seats purchased.

This licensing scheme is ideal for cases where HSMAdvisor has to be installed on large number of computers and used by few individuals concurrently.

Typical usage

  • An individual machinist or a programmer has Single Seat floating License and uses it on multiple computers throughout the day.
    (Example: Steve buys One Seat and uses it at his home, and at work. He also works part-time for another shop where he can also use the same floating license as well)
  • An organization has a large number of computer workstations with HSMAdvisor installed on many of them, but only few programmers at a time will be using the software.
    (Example: Company N has 8 workstations with HSMAdvisor installed on all if them. But only has 3 programmers who could use it at the same time)


To purchase a Floating License go to the online store, and select the Floating License product you require.
You can select the number of seats required when entering your registration information.

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HSMAdvisor License Upgrades

March 24, 2022, 10:54 pm by admin

Are you looking to expand your HSMAdvisor software capabilities or accommodate more users within your organization? We've got you covered! With our seamless upgrade options, enhancing your software license is now easier than ever before.

Here's how you can upgrade your HSMAdvisor license:

  1. Adding More Seats to Existing License: Has your team grown since you initially purchased your HSMAdvisor license? No problem! Easily increase the number of seats on your existing license to accommodate more users.

  2. Upgrade from 1 and 3 HP Licenses: If you're currently using a 1 HP or 3 HP license you can upgrade to either the Unlimted Floating or Unlimited Permanent license.

  3. Transitioning from Cancelled or Active Subscription: You can also switch from a subscription-based model to a different license type.

To make the upgrade:

  • Visit our store at
  • Select the product you would like to get
  • Enter the same First Name, Last Name, and Email address associated with your current license
  • The system will find your existing licenses and preset the available upgrade options.
    You will only have to pay the difference between the original and the new license.

You will receive an email notification with your updated license details.

The minimum upgrade fee is USD 10

Cancelling your License

January 31, 2023, 5:01 pm by admin

If you are reading this, know, I am sorry to see you go and wish you could tell me why you are changing your mind.

Canceling your Lifetime HSMAdvisor or FSWizard License

If you purchased one of the HSMAdvisor or FSWizard lifetime licenses, please email me (contact details here) and ask for a refund.
No questions asked. Of course, feedback regarding what made you change your mind is very much appreciated!

You can ask for a refund if less than 6 months passed after making the purchase.

Canceling your Monthly Subscription License

You can cancel your HSMAdvisor Subscription License using one of the following two ways: