Are you looking to expand your HSMAdvisor software capabilities or accommodate more users within your organization? We've got you covered! With our seamless upgrade options, enhancing your software license is now easier than ever before.

Here's how you can upgrade your HSMAdvisor license:

  1. Adding More Seats to Existing License: Has your team grown since you initially purchased your HSMAdvisor license? No problem! Easily increase the number of seats on your existing license to accommodate more users.

  2. Upgrade from 1 and 3 HP Licenses: If you're currently using a 1 HP or 3 HP license you can upgrade to either the Unlimted Floating or Unlimited Permanent license.

  3. Transitioning from Cancelled or Active Subscription: You can also switch from a subscription-based model to a different license type.

To make the upgrade:

  • Visit our store at
  • Select the product you would like to get
  • Enter the same First Name, Last Name, and Email address associated with your current license
  • The system will find your existing licenses and preset the available upgrade options.
    You will only have to pay the difference between the original and the new license.

You will receive an email notification with your updated license details.

The minimum upgrade fee is USD 10