Enter/Adjust your cutter engagement parameters

Expandable Cut panel is visible when either Milling or Turning Tool Type is selected

When Turning Tool type is selected, only DOC input field is visible.

These are the fields available on Cut panel for Milling Tools

  • DOC
    Depth of Cut - Axial depth of cut
  • WOC
    Width of Cut - Radial Width of cut
  • WOC %
    Width of Cut as percentage from the cutter diameter
  • WOC Deg
    Width of Cut in Degrees with 180 being full with of cut and 0 - none at all

This is how Cut panel looks for Milling Tools:

When you change WOC value, WOC-% and WOC-Deg change automatically.

But if you want to change % or Deg field directly and set inch or mm WOC, you need to enter your number and then hit ENTER


For Turning Tools Only DOC input field is available

  • For Profiling Operations
    Depth of Cut - Radial depth of cut.
  • For Grooving or Facing Operations
    Depth of Cut - Width of the Grooving or Facing pass

This is how Cut panel looks for Turning Tools:

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Entering/Adjusting Cut Parameters
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