Advanced Feed And Speed Calculator for Professional CNC Programmers and Machinists.


CNC Machinist Speed and Feed Calculator

  • Save Time and Money
  • Improve productivity and reduce cycle time


Industry-leading Speeds and Feeds

  • Prevent tool breakage, machine crashes and expensive down time
  • Optimize Depth and Width of Cut


One-stop Tool and Cut Database

  • Standardize machining practices
  • Save custom tool and cutting data into internal Data Base
    for quick and easy access
  • Share your Tool and Cut database across your network


Versatile and Powerful

Largest Variety of Supported Cutting Tools and Operations

Milling, Drilling and Turning



Most HSMAdvisor License Packages come with
FSWizard PRO License for your Android and iOS devices

FSWizard:Mobile is a lightened up version of HSMAdvisor

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MasterCAM X9 Integration

  • Calculate cutting parameters
  • Save Tool and Cut parameters
  • Apply Cut parameters to new toolpaths


Why HSMAdvisor

Best Speeds and Feeds in the Industry. Proven On The Shop Floor

HSMAdvisor is the only Speed and Feed Calculator that is developed by both a professional CNC machinist and a software developer.
10 years of real-world professional machining experience went into developing a tool that thousands of machinists trust every day to solve their machining problems and simplify their tasks.

Most Feature-Packed for no extra cost

Our calculator is aimed at solving all your machining-related tasks in one place. HSMAdvisor has Geometry calulators and various Machinist's Thread and Drill reference charts.

Downloadable Machine Profiles

Our users helped us create a cloud-based list of machine profiles that anyone can download right from within the app

Built-In Tool Database and Inventory

Aside from speeds and feeds, HSMAdvisor offers a built-in Tool Database and Inventory module that allows to keep track of and order tools.

Unparalleled Imperial And Metric Support Throughout

HSMAdvisor works in Metric and Imperial mode. Every field on the Speeds and Feeds page can be used independently from the currently selected unit system

Excellent User Support and Customer Care

You will never hear complaints about slow customer support. All questions are answered and issues resolved within shortest possible time-frame. 

Lots of Frequently-Updated Online Documentation

In addition to user forums. We have a growing and constantly improving Online Help portal with detailed and useful information.

HSMAdvisor Hooks for MasterCAM 2018, 2017 and X9

Yes, we created HSMAdvisor hooks for the 3 latest versions of MasterCAM.
Best of all it is free (besides the fact that it is great) for all HSMAdvisor customers!

Latest News

HSMAdvisor Educational License

October 18, 2017, 9:48 am by admin
License Type Lifetime Floating License

Total Number of Classroom and "Use at Home" Seats for Students




Total Price




 License Terms

  • This Lifetime License includes Updates and Support
  • Use on Multiple Computers
  • Includes both the Classroom and "Use at Home" seats for students.
    Use at Home seats use different credentials and do not interfere with classroom seats)
  • Easy to Set Up, maintain and move
  • No License Keys: Uses your Internet connection to administer all seats


License Holder must be an educational institution.

Application must be used by students and staff in classroom environment or at home

Application must not be used for for-profit machining

What Else 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 How to buy Please send us an email with your questions, or your information and the type of license you would like.

Better Material Cross Reference

Yes you can now use HSMAdvisor with non-US/UNS material standards!

Our users have asked for better integration between HSMAdvisor's built-in Materials library and the thing called Cross Reference table and finally here it is!

Now when you click on the "More" button next to the "Material" drop-down list...

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What is new in this update:

  • Improved Engraving and Chamfering speeds and feeds
  • Improved Deflection calculation for High Feed Endmills
  • Removed annoying "Ding" sound on ENTER key press
  • Some minor bug fixes and cleanup.

I also released updated version of hooks for MasterCAM x9 and 2017

Here I made a quick video showcasing from start to end how to add the HSMAdvisor hook to MasterCAM 2017 ribbon:

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