HSMAdvisor Version History

What's new in this update:

  • Add Shoulder Dia and Length to the Thread Mill tool type.
    Fix the Thread Milling tool not persisting metric pitch value.
  • Improve rounding in Print Calculation Report.
  • Fix a typo on the Reference/Metric Taps page

In the previous update:

  • Fixed the problem with the new tools being added without any information about the tool.
  • Made the labels for millimeters and inches consistent in the Circular Interpolation dialog.
  • When you delete a tool or cut that is currently loaded, we will automatically "unload" it.
  • We have added a new Appnium UI testing framework that tests the "tool create" and "delete" functions.

HSMAdvisor Installer HSMAdvisor_v2.6.6.1504_NET4.5.exe Size:4.99 MB Zipped installer HSMAdvisor_v2.6.6.1504.zip Size:4.96 MB