HSMAdvisor Version History

What's new in this update:

  • Added decimal places to MRR display.
  • Added  A286 to ferrous super alloys section.

In the previous update:

  • Fixed SSL/TSL connection issues (v2.5.10)
  • Improvements in Cut Cloud functionality. (v2.5.7)
  • Closing the Loading Screen now closes the app (v2.5.7)
  • Improved feed rates for carbide tools on soft plastics.
  • Added "Debug" log in the settings.
    If you have any issues, please make sure to send me the debug text.
  • New Materials added:
    PTFE, Teflon
    AISI 52100 Annealed (40 RC)
    AISI 52100 (60-65 RC)
    AISI 9310 Steel, AMS 6265, AMS 6267  (Annealed 245 HB)

HSMAdvisor Installer HSMAdvisor_v2.5.11.35986_NET4.5.exe Size:4.93 MB ZIPped installer HSMAdvisor_v2.5.11.35986_NET4.5.zip Size:4.9 MB