HSMAdvisor Integration with MasterCAM

  • Pass Toolpath parameters to HSMAdvisor and back
  • Recognize and Associate MasterCAM tools with HSMAdvisor

Save and Retrieve Toolpath parameters from HSMAdvisor database

  • Save MasterCAM Toolpath parameters with a click of a mouse

Apply saved parameters to new MasterCAM Tool Paths

  • ToolPath parameters are filtered out according to their tool names

Download and Install HSMAdvisor hook and add it to MasterCAM using "Customize Toolbar" menu

Download the latest update

HSMAdvisor v1.522

What is new in this update

  • Machines Database file can now be selected using "Open" Button in "Machine Definitions" dialog. Also Machines can now be hosted on shared network drive. Just like the Tool Database
  • Saved machines now include unique GUID id that allows to make sure machine copied from other computer keeps proper relation to the cut in the tool database.
  • Improved speed of Tool/Cut tables
  • Made adjustments to cutting speeds of the Titanium alloys group
  • Many changes under the hood to facilitate further CAM integrations development

Hook for MasterCAM X9 HSMAdvisor_For_MasterCAM_X9_v1.522.exe Size:3.72 MB Hook for MasterCAM 2017 HSMAdvisor_For_MasterCAM_2017_v1.522.exe Size:3.69 MB Hook for MasterCAM 2018 HSMAdvisor_For_MasterCAM_2018_v1.522.exe Size:3.72 MB
HSMAdvisor For MasterCAM Hook Information

Older versions

HSMAdvisor always supports the latest version of MasterCAM

Please check out the older (2018, 2017, and X9) versions here: HSMAdvisor v1.533


HSMAdvisor setup requires administrative privileges to install into Program Files.

Although it is not required, we recommend you to install standalone HSMAdvisor prior to installing the hook: this will make sure you have default tool libraries, machines, and languages.

See Also

At this moment the following tool paths are fully recognized:

  • Face Mill
  • Contour
  • Pocket
  • Drilling
    (Boring, Tapping,C-Boring)
  • Circle Mill
  • All 2D HST Tool paths:
    Dynamic Milling
    Dynamic Area
    Blend Mill
    Peel Mill
  • All 3D HST Tool paths
  • All 3D Tool paths

Things to be added in the coming days/weeks/months:

  1. Turning
  2. Routing



Setting up HSMAdvisor hook for MasterCAM 2017:

Setting up HSMAdvisor hook for MasterCAM X9:

Calculating cutting parameters for Face Milling, Saving Tool and Cut data and recalling it when needed: