What is HSMAdvisor 2

HSMAdvisor 2 is the latest iteration of our favorite machinist app.

It is currently at the "Release Candidate" stage and some features may or may no work.

Please submit your feedback and report any bugs on our forums: Support Forums

If you wish to try our older stable version of HSMAdvisor, please go here: Download Page

Download the latest update for PC

What's new in this update:

  • Added decimal places to MRR display.
  • Added  A286 to ferrous super alloys section.

In the previous update:

  • Fixed SSL/TSL connection issues (v2.5.10)
  • Improvements in Cut Cloud functionality. (v2.5.7)
  • Closing the Loading Screen now closes the app (v2.5.7)
  • Improved feed rates for carbide tools on soft plastics.
  • Added "Debug" log in the settings.
    If you have any issues, please make sure to send me the debug text.
  • New Materials added:
    PTFE, Teflon
    AISI 52100 Annealed (40 RC)
    AISI 52100 (60-65 RC)
    AISI 9310 Steel, AMS 6265, AMS 6267  (Annealed 245 HB)

HSMAdvisor Installer HSMAdvisor_v2.5.11.35986_NET4.5.exe Size:4.93 MB ZIPped installer HSMAdvisor_v2.5.11.35986_NET4.5.zip Size:4.9 MB