With the Permanent License, each seat can only be used on the computer it was purchased for.

This licensing scheme is ideal for cases when HSMAdvisor has to be installed on a computer that is not connected to the internet. Or when the customer does not wish to use the subscription system.

Typical usage

  • A machine shop computer that is not connected to the internet.


To purchase Permanent License go to Online Store Select the Permanent License Type product category and choose a product with the number of seats you wish to purchase.

You will be required to enter your Account Details and offered to pay via PayPal

This License Type requires customers to register their computers using Computer IDs, so that license keys for each seat can be generated and issued.

Computer ID is the unique key that HSMAdvisor generates for the given motherboard and processor. It shows that the Computer ID key on the License Activation dialog. HSMAdvior Settings -> License -> Purchase Enter Key

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