The Floating License allows for the installation of HSMAdvisor on multiple computers, but it can only be used simultaneously on the number of computers that correspond to the number of seats purchased.

This licensing scheme is ideal for cases where HSMAdvisor has to be installed on large number of computers and used by few individuals concurrently.

Typical usage

  • An individual machinist or a programmer has Single Seat floating License and uses it on multiple computers throughout the day.
    (Example: Steve buys One Seat and uses it at his home, and at work. He also works part-time for another shop where he can also use the same floating license as well)
  • An organization has a large number of computer workstations with HSMAdvisor installed on many of them, but only few programmers at a time will be using the software.
    (Example: Company N has 8 workstations with HSMAdvisor installed on all if them. But only has 3 programmers who could use it at the same time)


To purchase a Floating License go to the online store, and select the Floating License product you require.
You can select the number of seats required when entering your registration information.

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