After purchasing the License you need to activate your seats
This is how you can do this

Automatic Activation sequence is identical for both the Floating and the Permanent License Types

  • Launch HSMAdvisor
  • Go to Settings tab
  • Go to License panel
  • Click on Purchase/Enter Key button
  • In the License Activation window enter your:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
  • Click Register Automatically button

Floating Seats can ONLY be activated using Automatic Registration process.

For Permanent License Types customers have options as to how they wish to activate their purchased seats

Permanent License Owners can do either of:

  • Use Automatic Registration process described above
  • Or. Send an email to  with your Account Details. Don't forget to include the Computer ID of the computer you are registering.
  • Activate your seat manually by clicking on View my License Online link inside License Activation window

Manually Activating your Permanent Seats Online

To View your License details online and/or to activate your seats please do following (internet connection required):

  • Click on View my License Online link inside License Activation window
    OR follow this link right now:
  • A new Web browser window will open where you need to enter your:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Account Password (It is empty by default. Enter it only if you have previously set it up)
  • Click Proceed button

If you hold Permanent License type, you will be offered to register your Computer ID.
After doing so you will receive a license key for this computer.

Collecting multiple Computer ID Keys for manual activation

When your computers are offline, it may be challenging to collect your Computer ID keys.

So we came up with an easy solutioin:

  • Download and and unpack HSMAdvisor Computer ID Collector utility in to a USB flash drive (links at the bottom of the article)
  • Insert the USB drive into a computer which you want to register and launch the utility on each one of them one PC after the other
  • In the end "Computer_IDs.txt" file will hold all of your Computer ID keys
  • Send this file to us or  manually register the computers your self using steps outlined in the topic above

The zipped archive contains 2 versions: one for .NET2 and the other for .NET4.
If one of them does not work, simply try the other one.

Here is a video tutorial of the process:

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