HSMAdvisor Version History

Bugs fixed in this update:

  • Fix Custom Speeds and Feeds
  • Fix Tool, Machine Limits, and Overrides conflicting with each-other on certain occasions.

Previous update:

  • Machine Profile: Make Max Power rounding to 2 decimals #6
  • Tool number column (T#) missing in the new Tool DB. #9
  • Mousing over taper angle icon on the right of text box doesn’t change cursor icon #11
  • Turning off Circle/Ramp for a cut often causes RPM/Feed/Plunge RPM and Plunge Feed to get stuck at -1. #7
  • Fixed Custom Speeds and Feeds dialog
  • Limiting Power causes tap feed to deviate from the pitch! #4
  • Upgrading from HSMAdvisor 1.xx to the beta of 2, erased all Comments for my cuts when migrating my tool library. #10
  • Gauges: Machine Max Torque was exceeded. the error makes Cutting Force Gauge red. #5

Executable Installer HSMAdvisor_v2.1.3.30505_NET4.5.exe Size:4.98 MB ZIP Folder HSMAdvisor_v2.1.3.30505.zip Size:4.8 MB