HSMAdvisor Version History

What is new and improved in this version

  • Power requirements for all materials in Aluminum group have been revised.
    Speed and feed calculations remain the same, but the value for Power requirement has been decreased by about 30-45%
  • Also Power requirements for all other materials (depending on the calculated chipload) may have been reduced as well. Mainly for calculations with low chipload.
  • Fixed the Floating SF window.
    Added label explaining to use right mouse click to add/remove displayed items.
  • Added 310 Stainless and Dievar Tool Steel Hardened 50-55 RC
  • Shoulder Dia can not be set now if shoulder length matches the flute length
  • Fixed some bugs and glitches.

Executable Installer HSMAdvisor_v1.700_NET4.0.exe Size:4.91 MB Zip folder HSMAdvisor_v1.700.zip Size:4.88 MB