What is HSMAdvisor 2

HSMAdvisor 2 is the latest iteration of our favorite machinist app.

It is currently at the "Release Candidate" stage and some features may or may no work.

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HSMAdvisor v2.01

August 5, 2020, 9:36 pm by admin

What is new in this update.

  • First HSMAdvisor 2.xx Production Release.
  • Minimum required .NET version is now 4.5
  • Large code rewrite
  • Fix various inconsistencies. Improve performance.
  • Machine Profiles:
    New Cloud Machines Search and My Machines Management
    Max Cutting Force input added to control strain on the machine
    Added Machine Type select that allows to automatically switch to the machine when a tool specific to it is selected
  • Removed Cut Cloud 
  • Tool DataBase
    Update UI and make the left tree-view the main filtering mechanism
    Make Cutting Parameters show as an inline Data Table.
    Add Tool Holders

Executable Installer HSMAdvisor_v2.01_NET4.5.exe Size:4.81 MB ZIP Folder HSMAdvisor_v2.01.zip Size:4.83 MB