Complete control over tool and cutting data

  • Set your exact tool and cutting parameters
  • Receive suggestions regarding cutting depth, peck etc.
  • Optimize cutter performance

Customizable database tools and cutting parameters

  • Save and re-use your tools
  • Save your favorite successful cutting parameters for each tool
  • Customize Tool Table to display only the data you need
  • Organize you database using libraries
  • Synchronize your Tool/Cut database across several computers on your network

Thread data for ISO/UNC/UNF/UNEF/UNS threads

Imperial and metric tapping reference charts

Interactive Imperial and metric Flat Head and Socket Head screw reference

  • Scientific Calculator
  • Bolt Hole / Partial Bolt Hole
  • Oblique Triangle
  • Bolt Line
  • Countersink Depth
  • Tangent Points Calculator

Customizable Machine profiles

  • Map and Account for Spindle Power Curve
  • Set limiting machining factors
  • Upload and Download Machine Profiles form the cloud
  • Import and export capability

Custom Speeds and Feeds for brand-name tools

  • Specify and save Manufacturer-recommended speeds and feeds
  • Optimize performance for your particular tool/material application

Circular/Ramping Compensation

  • Circular Ramping and Milling for Inside and Outside features
  • Straight Line Ramping

Looking for a Mobile app?

Looking for a Speed And Feed Calculator app for iOS or Android?

Check out FSWizard!

Download Latest HSMAdvisor for PC Version

HSMAdvisor v1.708

June 30, 2020, 2:00 pm by admin

What is new in this update:

  • Show debug information when activating Permanent License with a License Key

Executable Installer HSMAdvisor_v1.708_NET4.0.exe Size:5.01 MB Zip folder Size:4.9 MB
Product Description

HSMAdvisor is distributed as a fully-functional no-registration 30-day trial

The following languages are fully supported: English, French, Russian

Partially supported languages: Spanish, Turkish, Slovak, Czech, Polish 

If the latest update does not work for you, you can roll back to a previous one! See HSMAdvisor Version History

Installation directory

HSMAdvisor setup requires administrative privileges to install into Program Files.

Please download and unpack the ZIP folder into "My Documents" if you do not wish to run the installer

See Also

HSMAdvisor: The new kind of CNC Software - the one that works for professional machinists and hobbyists alike.

  • Confidently calculate cutting conditions for hundreds of work-piece materials and of combinations of tooling types and coatings.
  • Accurately Estimate cutting forces involved in machining process and prevent tool breakage.
  • Estimate machine power requirement and help choose best tool for the job.
  • Suggest safe and practical Axial and Radial engagement values.
  • Compensate for reduced-shank, long and extra-long tools.
  • Comes with MasterCAM hook

Speed and Feed Wizard | Tool Database | Threading and Tapping Reference

Key Features of HSMAdvisor:

FSWizard -  the best feed and speed calculator inside the most affordable solution for production shops and hobbyists alike

  • Fail-Safe Speeds and Feeds for Milling, Drilling and Turning.
  • High Speed Machining/High Efficiency Machining.
  • Axial and Radial chip thinning.
  • Tool Life estimation.
  • Balancing Depth Of Cut against Width Of Cut and vise-verse.
  • Optimal Depth Of Cut and/or Width Of Cut suggestion
  • Reduction of depth of cut and/or feedrate for extra-long, tapered, reduced-shank tools.
  • The only calculator that accounts for flute length, helix angle, stickout and shank diameter at the same time.
  • Trochoidal/Peel Milling or Dynamic milling feeds and speeds.
  • RPM Reduction for extra long tools.
  • Maximum Horse Power, Spindle speed, Feedrate and Torque machine limits: using it is safer than your manufacturers cutting data!
  • Machining Horse Power and torque estimation.
  • Side Force and tool deflection estimation.
  • Tool breakage prevention against torque and deflection.
  • Speed/Feed compensation for long cutters
  • NO internet connection required
  • On the fly INCH - METRIC conversion. for EVERY input field: you can specify all or one of values to be either imperial or metric
  • All data is saved on exit and retrieved back on launch. So next time you open the program everything is where you left it.
  • Capture Wizard will help you exchange data between HSMAdvisor and CAD/CAM of your choise

Currently Supported tool types include

Milling Tools

  • Solid Generic End Mill - endmills for generic applications designed for medium roughing, semi-finishing and finishing on large scope of materials
  • Solid High-Performance End Mill - solid end mills marketed by their manufacturers as High-Performance.
    These tools are often designed for a specific group of materials and allow for increased material removal rates and tool life
  • Indexed End Mill - Endmills with replaceable cutting edges and steel bodies.
    These tools allow for higher cutting speeds due to shallow depths of cut and relative inexpensiveness of inserts
  • High Feed End Mill - Indexed end mill with extremely low lead angle that directs most of the cutting force in downward direction. Feature high feedrates and shallow depths of cut.
  • Helical Mills
  • Thread Mills
  • V-Bit Engraving Cutters


  • Helical ramping and circular interpolation compensation calculator.
  • Recommended Peck distance in accordance to the depth of the hole
  • 100% mathematical modelling of tools

Drilling Tools

  • Jobber Twist Drill - A HSS or Carbide twist drill with generic cutting geometry. Works for many applications.
  • Hi-Helix Parabolic Drill - A HSS or Carbide Drill with special geometry of the tip and flute that allows for higher feerdate, better coolant penetration. In some cases allows to drill without or with limited pecking
  • Reamer - a humble reamer

Tapping Tools

  • Cutting Taps
  • Forming Taps
  • ISO/UNC/UNF/UNEF/UNS threads
  • Tap hole size for both cutting and forming taps
  • Best tap hole suggestion
  • Tap drill selector to pick desired thread percentage


  • Profiling
  • Grooving
  • Boring

myCut Tool Database - your one stop for knowledge-based machining

  • Create tool Libraries
  • Create tools and add cutting data all from within FSWizard page
  • Store best cutting conditions for future use
  • Store Ordering and handling Information

Machine Profiles

  • Create machine profiles to accurately compensate for machine's individual power and torque curve.
  • Ability to stick to pre-defined RPM to support machinery with gear boxes (ie. manual mills and lathes)
  • HSMAdvisor Cloud Services: Upload and Download Machine Profiles from the cloud


  • ISO/UNC/UNF/UNEF/UNS threads
  • three wire measurement of external threads with custom wire size
  • Tap hole size for both cutting and forming taps
  • Best tap hole suggestion
  • Tap drill selector to pick desired thread percentage

System requirements


ZIP Package

Some users may have difficulties downloading the executable file or they may lack the administrative rights to run the installer.

For those there is ZIP package that does not require installation and does not cause trouble during downloading.

EXE Installer

For those who just want to download and install, there is an EXE installer