HSMAdvisor is using an open-source installer builder called Inno Setup. So you can refer to the Inno Setup documentation page for reference.

If you are a system administrator and wish to install HSMAdvisor silently using the command line you can use the following parameters:

  • /silent
  • /verysilent

For example:

./HSMAdvisor_v2.3.6.2854_NET4.5.exe /verysilent

You can also install the HSMAdvisor license key file with license credentials:

  • /firstname=FirstName (required)
  • /lastname=LastName (required)
  • /email=Email (required)
  • /password=LicensePassword (optional)

For example:

./HSMAdvisor_v2.3.6.2854_NET4.5.exe /silent /firstname=John /lastname=Smith /email=johnsmilth@email.com

Upon the very first launch, HSMAdvisor will try to connect to the licensing server and register the seat.

Please note that HSMAdvisor installation requires elevated Administrator privileges.

The license file will be installed into the current user's AppData/Roaming/HSMAdvisor folder