1 Horse Power Lifetime Floating License

65 USD

+FREE FSWizard:Mobile For iOS and Android Lifetime License

This License is made specifically for users of hobby-level machines such as Tormach 770, Tormach 440 and Tiag CNC

You can install and run HSMAdvisor and as many computers as you want!
Install a seat at home, at your desk, in your shop even at your work.

This License gives you 1 year of unlimited Horse Power use.

Multiple seat option is also available.

This licence offers free updates and support forever.

After one year the calculator will limit your calculated machine power to 1 HP. Which means it will not suggest cuts that consume more than 1 Horse Power (0.75kW)

Note: This Licence requires internet connection to the licensing server.
But it still functions offline for up to 30 days after each connection.

How our Floating Licence works:

  1. User purchases a License that he/she can use on any computer he wants.
  2. User signs in within HSMAdvisor using his Name and Email
  3. User CHOOSES the minimum time period his license will be parked on his computer.
    Minimum License Parking Period is just 10 minutes. Maximum period is 30 days.
  4. After License Parking Period has expired, License gets unlocked and user can either renew it on the same computer (done automatically) or move it to another computer by performing step #2
  5. A multiple seat option needs to be purchased if HSMAdvisor is to be used on more than one computer concurrently.

This way users can change physical computers they run HSMAdvisor on anywhere from every 10 minutes to 30 days.

Please note: Once License is issued, the period of time it was issued for can not be reduced until the said period of time runs out.

As courtesy i will reset parked seats for users who need urgent license renewals on other computers (ie: accidental choosing of longer than needed License Parking Period, or other things like changing of eployer, computer upgrades etc.)

For more detailed information on our licensing sytem please see here: