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Educational Lifetime Floating License

465 USD

(Price for 10 seats)

Do you represent an education institution and HSMAdvisor will be used by students?

Then this license is for you!

License Type Lifetime Floating License

 License Terms

  • This Lifetime License includes Updates and Support
  • Use on Multiple Computers
  • Includes both the Classroom and "Use at Home" seats for students. (Contact us by email to arrange for those)
    Use at Home seats use different credentials and do not interfere with classroom seats)
  • Easy to Set Up, maintain and move
  • No License Keys: Uses your Internet connection to administer all seats


License Holder must be an educational institution.

Application must be used by students and staff in classroom environment or at home

Application must not be used for for-profit machining

What Else 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 How to buy Please use the "Buy Now" button below to select the number of seats and purchase the license

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