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As of version 1.500 HSMAdvisor supports multiple user interface languages.

Here is how you can switch the UI language:

  • Launch HSMAdvisor and go to Settings->General
  • Find button called "Select Language" and click on it
  • A new dialog shows up where you simply select one of the available languages from the list and click OK
  • You will be offered to shut down HSMAdvisor as you can not right now apply the new language mid-flight.
  • When you launch HSMAdvisor again, the language of the User Interface will be that you have previously selected

At this moment we have only Russian language file, but

You can create your own translation

Here is the simple concept
Translations are stored in your local drive's user folder: 

There are several ways to create your own translation.

  1. Download and Use a free third-party utility to create a translation from master language file
  2. Copy and save master English.xml file under a new "YourLanguage_my.xml" file name and translate all text between the tags <tag_name>Some Text To Translate<tag_name> in a text editor like Notepad++
    I strongly encourage you to use UTF-8 encoding to prevent garbling of the non-english text

In any case please save your languages with the following format: for example "Hispanic_my.xml"
The "_my" prefix will prevent your translation from being overwritten in case we add support for the language you are currently developing.

Because editing a raw XML file can lead to troubles and is intended for advanced users I suggest going the first way.

At this moment (until we develop our own tool) we suggest using a free utility that was created by guys at

  1. Just download a free utility from here: 
  2. Always Load HSMAdvisor's English.xml master language first!
    Launch the XmlContentTranslator app and go to File->Open menu option
  3. Load the English.XML master language file.
    It is located in "C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\HSMAdvisor\Languages\" directory
  4. Depending on whether you already have your own file you are translating, navigate to it or click Cancel if you don't have one.

The operation of the translator tool is easy enough and does not require a special manual.
I trust our users to figure it out:)

Just make sure you always click on File->Save menu option before closing the app and any time during editing, so you do not loose your work.

Important point: never change the structure of the file and do not translate <tag> names or any lone numbers llike <id>15<id> because they must be IDs and must be left alone

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© Eldar Gerfanov

 © Eldar Gerfanov