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HSMAdvisor v0.900

October 28, 2014, 8:19 pm by admin

New version 0.900 includes one big improvement:

A new "Load Tool" button was added on the Toll Data panel.
When you click on that button, a brand-new "Select Tool/Cut" dialog box appears.

Using this dialog box you can quickly find and load any Tool/Cut from your Tool Database:

When you click on the "Toll Library" header, panel expands allowing user to filter out the tools and cuts that he wishes to see.

Also Expand All checkbox allows to expand all tools on the table.

In the future updates i am planning to completely replace the functionality of the two separate Tool and Cut Drop-Down lists with this single dialog window.

If you have any feedback, positive or negative or any ideas, please let me know!



Halloween Holiday Sale

October 20, 2014, 9:57 pm by admin

Halloween sale is ON!

All HSMAdvisor Licenses worth more than $70 are currently 15% off!

You can buy a 3 year Subscription or Lifetime Permanent license now for just $82.45 HSMAdvisor Store

Let me remind you that FSWizard PRO for Android (worth $30) is included into those prices as well. So if you were thinking of buying both of them, why not save right now?

FSWizard is now Bundled with HSMAdvisor!

October 11, 2014, 7:15 pm by admin

Buy HSMAdvisor Speed and Feed Calculator for PC and get a FREE copy of FSWizard PRO (valued at $30!) for your Android or iOS device!


Certain HSMAdvisor packages now include a FREE FSWizard PRO license for your Android devices

Hurry up and Check HSMAdvisor Store page for details before a package you like could stop being available!

Here is how you can enable FSWizard RPO features on your Android device

Please NOTE: FSWizard is not HSMAdvisor and Purchase of one of them does not automatically imply rights to use the other one. Only Some packages will have the FSwizard PRO available and prices are subject to change at any time.

Once the Purchase is done however, terms never change.

HSMAdvisor v0.872

September 28, 2014, 10:14 pm by admin

Whats New:

  • Update Notification Added
    (when a newer version is available you will see a notification on the bottom of the HSMAdvisor window)
  • Number of Flutes and Corner Radius now display on the Tool Drop-Down list

Whats Improved:

  • Chamfering tools improved significantly. Almost everything has been redone and works very solid.
  • High Feed Mills Tool Display has been changed and internal model has been improved.
    Tip Diameter now specifies the maximum Diameter of the mill.
  • A typo has been fixed in the material list. Now It displays 15-5 Stainless steel instead of 15-8

Here is how  Update Notification looks:

Since you will be downloading this very update it will say you are up to date.
But next time i upload something, you will know right away!

Also Big changes happened to chamfering tools:

Read More 

HSMAdvisor v0.871

September 20, 2014, 3:56 pm by admin

What's new

  • Machine Definition import and export to and from an external file.

Fixed and Improved

  • Machine Definition glitches fixed.
  • IN/MM conversion when tool diameter is in different units system than corner radius or width of cut.
  • Floating License check now happens in background and does not bog down the system.

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