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HSMAdvisor 0.017 is available!

February 9, 2013, 5:36 pm by admin

I have just released HSMAdvisor build 0.017!

Get it in DOWNLOAD section of the web site.

First you should uninstall the previous version.
As some of the data files are not compatible with the version 0.017

After downloading and installing it you will receive another 30 days to play with my software.

New things:

  • A bunch of new materials
    Structural steels added 1035, 1045 and some other
  • Grooving turning tool added to the tool list
  • Several Tools and Cuts can now be selected at the same time and deleted or moved to a different Library
  • Double click on myCut ToolLibrary now causes the Tool/Cut to load
  • HSM Cutting speed compensation now only turns on when HSM/Chip Thinning is checked.
  • Huge number of bugs fixed.

Enjoy and don't forget to leave your feedback.
You can do so support forums.

Unfortunately because of high number of spam messages You will have to register first

Forums are located at, a simple registration on my web site (, register) allows you to post your questions/feature requests/suggestions.

Need i remind you that registered users who actively participate get full version for FREE!


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