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HSMAdvisor 0.610 Has just been released

November 2, 2013, 5:34 pm by admin

In this release I have added CAD/CAM integration.

Please read the latest tutorial in HSMAdvisor Tutorials section here
This is a pretty Unique way of doing it.

It is still in the beta-mode.
But it is fully functional. I have tested it on MasterCAM and SurfCAM with great results.
While some functionality is not supported well on all cadcam packages, it is still much better than nothing.

Please send me your feedback on how it works with your CADCAM package.

I have also added a list of recently used materials.

Now material list will have 6 recently used items at the very top of it.
Later on i will allow user to enter whatever number of recent items he wants to see there. But for now its just 6.

New Computer ID and New License keys

Starting from this release i have changed how Computer ID keys are generated.
This was done to fix problems some of the users experienced when they added or removed additional hardware on their computers.

New Computer ID's mean License keys have been changed for all users as well.
Not to worry though, License keys will be automatically updated for all of our users, so no action from their side is required.

If you have active license. You will get a message telling you what happened and your license file will be updated automatically.

Some bugs got fixed as well.

All of them were pretty minor, nothing to write home about.

Material definitions got updated as well.

Added several materials, updated speeds and feeds for tool steels and stainless steels.

I still have to add some of the previously requested materials (like Weldox Graphite, etc) to the list.
And i am planning to add it in the next release.

Chiploads for micro-milling were changed as well.

Chiploads for micro-endmills (below 1/16 dia) were reduced significantly.

Halloween Sale is On!

October 22, 2013, 7:15 pm by admin

Haloween sale is ON!

All HSMAdvisor Licenses are currently 35% off!

You can buy a single seat licence now for just 48.75$

3 Seat license is only 98.75$

FSWizard PRO for android is 25% off. Now available from Google Store for just 13$


HSMAdvisor 0.602

October 2, 2013, 9:18 pm by admin

This release is a bug fix for the error that happens in the previous version when SFM override is 0%

You can simply install this update over your existing installation.

HSMAdvisor 0.500 has been released.

August 5, 2013, 8:04 pm by admin

HSMAdvisor version 0.5 has just become available on downloads page.

There are many improvements and fixes in there.

But the most noticable one is improved Circular Compensation Calculator.


Located on FSWizard page and only available for milling tools it allows to calculate with of cut by stock or pilot hole diameter.

Also helical angle calculator helps converting degrees to pitch and vise-verse.

Check it out!

HSMAdvisor 0.400 has been released.

July 15, 2013, 9:41 pm by admin

This is the last free update for HSMAdvisor.

Any further releases will not extend your trial counter anymore.

New things:

  • Plugins page.
    I have decided to include additional functionality in a form of HTML/javascript pugins.
    Nice thing is that it is going to use normal web-pages saved on user PC
    Basically you will be able of navigate a web-resource and simply save it inside a special folder for further offline use inside HSMAdvisor.

Bug fixed:

  • in/-mm conversion that affected drill depth as well as machine profiles has been fixed.
  • Export function should now work properly.
    By the way if you save your XML file as XLS  you will be able to open the exported database as an excel spread sheet.


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