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This is another video from his Productivity Series.

In there we get a quick demonstration of HSM techniques Eric is using to produce his beautiful vise.

Also my own HSMAdvisor is featured there!

Thank you Eric!

Orange Vise are produced in the USA.

Check out this website for more info

Bob La Londe' review of FSWizard/HSMAdvisor

October 10, 2013, 7:00 am by admin

This recent post was taken from CamBam forums. It was made by a reputable and longstanding member of CNC DIY community Bob La Londe.

This post was modified to remove references to other software packages to prevent me from being sued. If you wish to read the full article please visit the original forum page located here.



Re: Speed & Feed Primer ~ Long & Boring & Essentials « Reply #18 on: October 06, 2013, 20:31:44 pm »

(edited. To read the full response please visit the cambam forum post located here)


I will probably buy a copy of HSMAdvisor sooner or later.  HSMAdvisor and FSWizard are opposite sides of the same coin.  FSWizard is web based and free to use, and HSMAdvisor is standalone PC based but costs.  I have found that FSWizard is quite good, but very aggressive.  If you put in all the setup data it asks for, use coolant or lubricant  when you should, and have a fairly rigid machine you can make all the cuts it calculates.  Its also got a pretty decent material database built in and calculates for different tools, geometry, coatings, and even machining types like milling, drilling, and turning.  


I've also found zero-divide (the author of FSWizard and HSMAdvisor) is quite easy to work with.  He also has a free and a paid version of FSWizard for the Android Market.  When I am doing a quick simple job using the Mach 3 Wizards I'll often double check my numbers using the FSWizard cell app rather than walk in the office and use the CAD/CAM computer.  I've got 4 FS apps on my cell phone, but FSWizard is the only one I use anymore.  




What would be cool regardless of the tool is a direct interface from something like HSMAdvisor to drop the numbers back into CamBam rather than manually entering them one at a time.  Calculate a cut using all of your parameters, step over, DOC, stickout, etc, and then click OK to send all of the appropriate numbers to the MOP you are working on.  

Getting started on CNC?  In or passing through my area?

If I have the time I'll be glad to show you a little in my shop.  

Some Stuff I Make with CamBam


HSMAdvisor 0.602

October 2, 2013, 9:18 pm by admin

This release is a bug fix for the error that happens in the previous version when SFM override is 0%

You can simply install this update over your existing installation.

HSMAdvisor v0.601 Release

September 24, 2013, 8:46 pm by admin

I have just uploaded a new release of HSMAdvisor.

I have decided to extend trials every time major releases come out.

This will happen every several months or so.

This release is pretty big. So every one who has not purchased yet gets 30 days more to play with it.

We have material cross-reference tool.

It allows you to quickly figure out material group for a large number of materials. Around 1000 of them.
You can access it by pressing "MORE" button next to material drop-down list.

Here is it looks:

Second Big thing is new tool life estimator.

It allows to show you how tool life reacts to changes in speed, feed rate and depth of cut.

It is a percentage based on normal shoulder milling cut that should equal 100%

Nobody else has this feature- it is absolutely unique to HSMAdvisor and that is in part why i decided to extend trials this time.

Besides tool life gage there is a new tab in results area.

It is called Gages.

It shows important information like what percentage of deflection, torque and machine load we are running at the moment.

It helps to figure out at a glance if something is out of whack.

As always feedback is welcome.

HSMAdvisor 0.500 has been released.

August 5, 2013, 8:04 pm by admin

HSMAdvisor version 0.5 has just become available on downloads page.

There are many improvements and fixes in there.

But the most noticable one is improved Circular Compensation Calculator.


Located on FSWizard page and only available for milling tools it allows to calculate with of cut by stock or pilot hole diameter.

Also helical angle calculator helps converting degrees to pitch and vise-verse.

Check it out!

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