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HSMAdvisor 0.710 Has been released

January 20, 2014, 12:14 am by admin

Another week another update!

A few days ago a topic popped up in CNCZone's BobCad-CAM forums regarding why speeds and feeds in above mentioned BobCAM were so crazy and unworkable.

Users were complaining and raving about such a "simple" thing like a good speed/feed calculator being missing from there.

This is actually a trend in pretty much any other CAM software package.

They sell tool to create toolpaths.
Many give tools to create 2D geometry and even real solids.

But very few CAM packages offer anything that even remotely resembles working starting cutting parameters.

It does seem bizarre and strange. But every CAM program "knows" type of material being worked on. It knows type of tool, its diameter and length.
It even knows flute length, cutting depth, width, ramp angle... pretty much everything.

But given all that they are unable to combine all this data and produce Speed and Feed that would not either break the cutter or melt it into the work-piece!

Anyway. Back to the topic.

Someone on that forum thread mentioned my old FSWizard.
It sparked quite a lot of interest, and i popped in and dropped a link to the latest version of HSMAdvisor, so that they actually try and see what a good calc can do.

As a result i have received a ton of emails filled with suggestions and thank-yous.

Apparently many did not even know anything about it and were surprised how well it worked for them.
One guy who just bought a license even said that his copy already paid for itself several times over within the first couple of days of using it!

To thank for enthusiasm, i quickly implemented some of those suggestions and i am now releasing them in this version 0.710

New thing are

  • Adjustable font size and style. (in Settings) Allows to adjust global application font.
  • Adjustable default values for Speed&Feed Overrides, Tool Productivity, Deflection and Torque Limits. (in Settings) You can now set values to which overrides reset by default.
  • New Plunge Feedrate field shows up for milling tools.
    Non-Center cutting tools like Indexed endmills etc. will have plunge feed equal Zero.

Thanks everybody for support and suggestions!

As usual you can download the latest release on the Download page.

Newest Update: Trial Resets For Everybody !

January 12, 2014, 3:48 pm by admin

Hello guys,

I have just uploaded a newest update to HSMAdvisor v0.702.

One of the users reported several problems over this weekend and i have just fixed them.

I strongly encourage anyone who has downloaded previous version to download and install this update.

It adds UN thread type and fixes "strange" cutting speeds for stainless steels and fixes graphcal bugs caused by "Larger font size" settings on your desktop.


Also i have reset all trial counters, so that anyone who still does not have a license has another 30 days to try my software!

HSMAdvisor 0.701 Has been released!

December 31, 2013, 2:11 am by admin

Happy New Year !

First of all i would like to thank everybody for their continuing support and feedback - without you my work would not be this rewarding and fun.
This holiday season sale has been a success and it is only reassuring me that i am moving in the right direction regarding development of this software.

Also 20 days after the very first release of FSWizard for iOS, sales for it and the Android versions have been going very strong. Which means i will be putting even more effort into improving the mobile versions as well.

New things in HSMAdvisor 0.701:

  • Cut and Form taps have been added.
  • Boring Bar has been added to the tool type list
  • Scallop calculator has been added for ballnose type endmills

Updated and fixed things:

  • Effective diameter for tapered endmills (like V-Bits) has been fixed
  • Deflection model for endmills has been improved
  • BallNose endmills are now considered slotting (floor milling) only when their WOC is set equal to the diameter of the tool.
    When WOC is not equal to the tip Dia, it is presumed the cutter is milling the wall rather than the floor
  • Some Tool Geometry fields have been moved to a new tab.

Again after this release i will shift my attention back to mobile versions of FSWizard

Happy Holidays!

December 14, 2013, 7:55 pm by admin

Save 30% on all HSMAdvisor licenses!

Single seat is now $49, and a three seat license is just $99 !

In other news: A new major update is in the works and will be ready by chrismass time.

Be safe and Happy holidays!

Social Media Quotes

December 6, 2013, 11:51 pm by admin

Here are some quotes by users of HSMAdvisor and FSWizard taken from various online CNC machining related resources.

I am getting many more letters with suggestions and thanks, but i do not feel like publishing them as they might have been intended as private correspondence.

Keep your suggestions coming on our forums located at and by email (see contact page)

Thanks everybody for your references and support.

We purchased the HSMAdvisor, set up our HP and torque specs, and successfully launched a new strategy for roughing and semi-finishing small parts on these machines.

MotorCityMinion on

HSM machining brass on mazak 430a. Couldnt do it with out the calculator and thanks to jamesu229 on for the tool

c hargrave on YouTube

If you can side mill with a cabide end mill the new HSM techniques make this a snap.
plus one on

pa4445 on

Quote: use the free 30day trial. Youll be hooked

alloutmx on

Have you tried the calculator yet? Free 30 day trial...and worth every penny after. Definity changed the way I program.

alloutmx on

Yeah zero 15 HP aint much thata why I finally convinced my boss to try out HSM. More SFM and more MRR. He comes from manual machining doing old school theory of really large DOC and slower feed rate. Something you just can't do on 15HP. So he was skeptical all the way up and till I showed him what it could do. By the way zero love the calculator its amazing. Best one I have found. I won't lie though I was scared out of my wits when i let thay thing loose. Haha.

Drew24 on

Best thing you can do is buy good, American-made HSS tools, and use a good feeds and speed calculator - like FSWizard or HSMAdvisor (Google them) - to set your feeds and speeds.

Ray L. on

Been quietly using this for a few weeks and find that the figures given are very good to actual cutting data.
One thing where this excels is that most commercial programs spit figures out that bear no relation to the machine it's on.
OK for industry who has 3,678 HP on tap [ approx ] but if you only have an X2 mill with 500W on tap then it's a different ball game.
Also like the fact that it also recognizes that the rest of the world uses metric units.

Keep up the good work.

John Stevenson on

HSM Advisor and FS Wizard are opposite sides of the same coin.  FSWizard is web based and free to use, and HSM Advisor is standalone PC based but costs.  I have found that FS Wizard is quite good, but very aggressive.  If you put in all the setup data it asks for, use coolant or lubricant  when you should, and have a fairly rigid machine you can make all the cuts it calculates.  Its also got a pretty decent material database built in and calculates for different tools, geometry, coatings, and even machining types like milling, drilling, and turning. 

I've also found zero-divide (the author of FS Wizard and HSM Advisor) is quite easy to work with.  He also has a free and a paid version of FS Wizard for the Android Market.  When I am doing a quick simple job using the Mach 3 Wizards I'll often double check my numbers using the FS Wizard cell ap rather than walk in the office and use the CAD/CAM computer.  I've got 4 FS aps on my cell phone, but FS Wizard is the only one I use anymore.

Bob La Blonde on

just get a copy of zero devices software. I am in China now and the company I am working for has 14 copies and they live by the feed and speed it outputs

g-coder on

Great product and something I have complete faith in using. He has done a great job working on it. Also be cool to see what he get done as he keeps adding to it.

Crazy^Millman on

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